The WHCD: A Massacre Worth Watching

Once the first shot was heard at the White House Correspondents Dinner, no one was safe for the next 20 minutes. Even those NOT in attendance. Certain ones squirmed in their seats desperately wanting to be out of harm’s way. Others shook their heads in disbelief; stunned at the carnage comedian Michelle Wolf would ultimately inflict at the annual event.

And she killed, fully clothed and without the use of an AR-15. She slayed “like shooting fish in a Chris Christie”. She preyed but not on innocent patrons at a Waffle House, or Marjory Stoneman Douglas high schoolers, or concert goers in Las Vegas. She slaughtered the liars she hoped would get “stuck under a tree” as well as those with the “perfect smoky eye”. No mainstream media stone was left unturned; none would escape the wrath of her comedic crosshairs as she pulled back the proverbial curtain on the Trump administration and its many blind supporters who continue to do the bidding of the name-caller-in-chief.

And Wolf, the hired gun, happily fired away, smiling with supreme confidence knowing that she was armed with the most powerful weapon that’s known to destroy the spin and bias that is politics…the truth. A First Amendment truth that she openly carried in all of its profane and vulgar honesty. Her ruthless, shameless, unapologetic, gunslinger set was one for the ages rightfully calling the POTUS at different times a “pussy” and a “racist”.

I savored every moment, watching intently, loudly cheering Wolf on YouTube, relishing in the stone-faced glares of some of her intended targets. Because there’s no way in hell they can be considered victims knowing exactly the kind of man that Donald J. Trump really is.

So I laughed. Laughed until it hurt, laughed because it hurt knowing that that’s all I could do was laugh. I laughed at their expected fashionable “faux” outrage while suffering from blood splattered egos because when all was said and done they were able to leave the room alive with their white privilege unharmed and intact.

And nothing will change. White men who’ve had prior run-ins with law enforcement will continue to commit mass murder in this country only to be somehow captured later on. But many unarmed Blacks will still be treated like America’s greatest threat, lives cut short, dying of natural causes stemming from a very strict lead-based diet, due to police allegedly “fearing” for their lives.

Still, Michelle Wolf did what the mainstream media rarely let White men who carry out such atrocities do. She held herself accountable for her actions. She totally owned the bloodbath and showed no signs of remorse.

Only this time I was able to laugh about it.



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